best Web Development Company in Sweden

Best Web Development Company in Sweden

While all the countries worldwide are getting more competitive in the web development field, Sweden is also not backing off. This country, with its increasing number of brilliant web developers, has been getting higher ranks frequently. If you start looking for web development companies in Sweden, you’ll get confused to see so many people joining the field of web development.

Web development is a term that encloses tasks needed for developing a website. Companies and agencies continuously look for and hire web developers to build their sites or offer web development services to others.

Websites available in Internet or Intranet need developers constantly. Website owners often seek for developers from renowned companies. Sweden has got a considerable number of web development companies out of which most are of high ratings. At an average, Sweden got a score index of 79.9 and placed 25th in 2016 among all other countries based on web development progress.

Some of the best web development companies in Sweden

There are more than 300 web development companies in Sweden. Each company has more than 100 web engineers, software engineers, web designer, web content designers, network security developer, and many more.  Some of the companies had higher ratings, and some had lower based on their services.

Website owners can simply make a contract with a company to hire web developers. Let’s take a look at the details of some of the most renowned web development companies of Sweden.


iCrossing has been serving since 1998. Estimated revenue of this company is above 10 million dollars. In spite of having only 55 full-time employees, this company has managed to bag huge projects and retain the clients. Aside from web development, they also offer Search Engine Optimizing, pay per click management, and local SEO services. This company has worked for The Coca-Cola Company, Toyota, Bank of America, and many more famous companies.


This company is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Dynamicweb offers web development, and web designing service. Founded in 2009, this company has managed to reach revenue of 3 million US dollars.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency is a web development company who also offer search engine optimization, web design, reputation management, pay per click management, etc. With nearly a hundred full-time employees, this company gets revenue over 10 million dollars. It has a client retention rate of 96%. This company was founded in 2002 and since then it has had 500+ active clients.

VJG Interactive

VJG Interactive is another famous company that has more than 150 full-time employees, and more than 600 active clients. Founded in 2006, this company has revenue of 10 million dollars or above. It has worked with Subway, ACE hardware, Studio 8, and many more. Besides web development, this company also offers SEO, PPC management, reputation management, etc.


This company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was established in 2007 and has been doing business with success ever since. With only 28 full-time employees, this company has revenue of about 5 million dollars.

Strangelogic Sweden

Strangelogic Sweden is a web development company which has been providing web development, local SEO, and Search engine optimization services since 2010. It has a client retention rate of about 92 percent.


dinStudio is another web development company that was established in 2003. It offers SEO, PPC management, and web designing facilities also.


With only 15 full-time employees, iProsite has managed to reach revenue of almost 3 million dollars. This company has got immense success even with this little number of employees. It has more than 138 active clients now.

CFI Group

Since 1998, this company, CFI Group has been providing web development services. It has earned revenue of almost 10 million dollars ever since. It has a client retention rate of 93%.

So, these were some of the most renowned web development companies in Sweden. There’re only nine companies in here, but there are much more in Sweden. Search the web, and you’ll find many more of them to help you build a perfect website.


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