System Software and Application Software

System Software and Application Software by Java

System software and application software are two different types of software having different criteria of functions. These are two main types of computer software.

While system software is designed to perform and manage computer’s hardware and application software, an application program has no control over a device’s hardware. It’ll only perform the tasks it’s programmed to do which include a number of tasks, and functions which makes the using of the device more accessible to a user.

Java is one of the most popular programming languages that was initially created and developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. Later, the Sun Microsystems company was acquired by Oracle Corporation which was much like the software development companies in Sweden. Now, they own both hardware and software product lines from Sun Microsystems.

Java, much similar to the programming language C++ also features a virtual machine for carrying out programs written with Java language. This platform is called Java virtual machine or JVM.  This JVM uses a just in time compiler instead of an interpreter.

System software by Java

The system software is those that come built-in your devices. They cannot be uninstalled. The software developers design them to perform those tasks an application program cannot do such as operating hardware, managing data flow between the computer and other built-in or connected hardware. OS (operating system), BIOS (basic input/output system), boot, assembler, etc. are some examples of system software.

The term ‘system software’ has different meanings. It also refers to software development tools such as a compiler, or a debugger, or a linker, etc. Java software platform is one such kind of software development tool. The JVM or Java virtual machine’s ‘just in time (JIT)’ compiler also belongs to this type. The Java virtual machine was designed to ensure that run the Java bytecodes in any device which has a JVM in it.

Application software by Java

Application software is commonly known as ‘app’ also. The apps perform specific chores which are much different from those which system software does. The application programs are mainly created and developed by the software developers as per their requirements and specific hardware. Spreadsheet, word processor, media players, browsers, etc. are some examples of application software.

Some application programs come in a bundle with system software. They work like application software, but you still cannot uninstall them. The line of distinction between system software and application software is thick and thin according to different factors.

While the operating system of a device is system software, an application program’s functioning depends on the OS of a device.

  • If you want to make or develop application software, you have to use a programming language. If you decide to use Java programming language, you have to learn it at first. The making of operational software requires you to write the codes in programming software. JVM can be such a platform for you.
  • The codes are called bytecodes in JVM. Programs that you create on Java are portable. You can run the same program on another computer that has a Java virtual machine (JVM) available.
  • Using Java programming language in a Java software platform, you can create and change application programs and develop them.
  • Java is well compatible for developing application software and therefore, creating application programs with Java language is preferable.
  • The Java platforms allow software developers to build Java applications that can interact with web services and web-based customers.
  • Mobile application programs or apps can also be developed and created using Java.

The Java programming language and Java software platform enable a user to develop system software and application software. Though both the programs are different in types, they can be developed using only one programming language. Java is an easy language, and any software developer can learn it quickly and start creating and developing software.

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